01 May 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017

Re-post from FB https://www.facebook.com/barry.burton.9003 :

Here is more info on the Avon RR versus the Bridgestone BT 45's !!! I am really surprised how much bigger and taller the Avon RR's are compared to the BT 45's !!! The bike sits up higher with the Avon RR's ! It all depends if you like the big tire look or not !! Personally I like bigger tires but I know some people don't !! If I would have known how much smaller the BT 45's were then I would have gone with the 130/90/18 on the rear instead of the 130/80/18 !!! I think the BT 45's may look a little better although I really like the Avon RR's but I am just in shock at how much bigger the Avons are !!! Here are some pictures for comparison (same size tires on both bikes) if anybody is trying to make the decision between the two !!! The BT45's are on my Blue 72H2 and the Avon's are on the primer 73H2 rebuild bike !!!


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